CAN Triennial


Collectors will not want to miss the CAN Triennial Gallery Pavilion, an art fair gathering  Ohio's finest dealers, cutting edge collectives and studios.

Gallery Pavilion Art Fair hours:

Noon to 6 pm Saturday and Sunday, July 14 and 15

5 - 9 pm Friday, July 20

Noon to 6 pm Saturday and Sunday, July 21 and 22

Performaces, talks, and film screenings as noted for each event.

ArtCraft Studio (Booth 8)

This collection of six artists share a cooperative studio space in the ArtCraft Building, a longtime home for artists and makers, in the former garment district a few blocks east of downtown Cleveland.

Our presentation will focus on current artwork, recent collaborations and forays into new materials or themes. Our goal is to engage CAN Triennial and FRONT patrons with finished works as well as a demonstration of our creative process as a diverse group of studio artists. Here are brief introductions to the six artists who call the 6th Floor Studio in the ArtCraft Building home:

Janet Luken, artist and educator, expresses how she emotionally responds to many subjects through dynamic lighting, custom color and landscape elements. Currently, Janet is creating a nighttime series of paintings titled Roots and Dreams. The stories behind these represent family relationships, human and planet balances, and reflections about our place in the universe.

Randy Maxin is a Pittsburgh-born/Cleveland-based artist. He is a gallery owner and manager, curator and collaborator. Known mostly for abstract paintings and collages, Randy’s body of work reveals his training in and passion for painting, film and photography. Currently, Randy dedicates his time to Ramparts Gallery, which he co-owns with Mark Yasenchack. They have recently opened at 78th Street Studios in Cleveland’s Gordon Square neighborhood.

Ikuko Miklowski was born in Sapporo, Japan, and came to the US in 1995. She began to study pottery making in 1998, and quickly developed an award-winning signature style. Ikuko has traveled extensively in Japan visiting the ancient kiln sites of Imbe, Echizen, Shigaraki, and Mashiko among others. Ikuko has received art training in the US at Tri-C.

Katina Pastis Radwanski finds balance as both a painter and a sculptor. Employing a meditative sketching technique, she lands upon an image which she feels has both significant personal meaning and visual strength. The resulting pieces most often portray human interactions, contemporary political climates or her own life experience. These are intended as open-ended statements to be interpreted according to the observer’s frame of reference.

Christine Ries depicts her journey of living in Northeast Ohio by painting the individuals who enter her life as well as the surrounding landscapes. Her use of emotional color projects a certain mood to her compositions and tells the story of her subjects. Color is broken into shapes as she continues to push her work into abstraction.

Mark Yasenchack is a teaching artist whose studio work is transitioning from ceramic vessels to mosaic murals. Artist-made clay tiles are featured in his mosaics and are used to create field tile that resemble old cobblestone roads or stone walls unearthed in archeological digs. He is co-owner of Ramparts Gallery with Randy Maxin.

Throughout CAN Triennial and FRONT, the 6th Floor Artists Studio will be open for studio tours for individual art enthusiasts or interested groups. Please call Mark Yasenchack at 216.407.3685 to make arrangements for your visit.

ArtCraft Studio

2570 Superior Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44114

ArtCraft Studio

Bonfoey Gallery (Booth 3)

The Bonfoey Gallery is pleased to be exhibiting in the CAN Triennial gallery pavilion on July 14 and 15, and from July 20 through July 22. We will be showcasing the artists’ works that are hanging in our gallery at 1710 Euclid Avenue for the months of July, August, and September. These will include the paintings of Julian Stanczak, sculptures of Barbara Stanczak, textual drawings of George Fitzpatrick, drawings of Andrea Joki, mixed media collage work of Amber Kempthorn, antique painted linen canvases of Deb Lawrence, abstract paintings of Dana Oldfather, contemporary portraiture of Frank Oriti, and the color field paintings of Marc Ross. Also included will be works of other gallery artists such as Laurence Channing, Marilyn Farinacci, Erik Neff, and Dan Tranberg among others.

For more information, please contact The Bonfoey Gallery, 216.621.0178, or visit our website at

Upcoming Exhibitions




The Bonfoey Gallery

1710 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Carl Solway Gallery Cincinnati (Booth 7) 

Founded in 1962, Carl Solway Gallery celebrates its 55th year in operation. The gallery was elected to the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) in 1968 and more recently joined the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA). Carl Solway Gallery is the only member of the ADAA in the tri-state region of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. The gallery occupies 12,500 square feet of space in an historic warehouse in Cincinnati’s West End neighborhood.

Carl Solway Gallery specializes in modern and contemporary art including painting, sculpture, graphics and new media incorporating video and electronics. Gallery activities include fabrication of large-scale sculpture, publication of print editions and multiples, organization and circulation of museum exhibitions worldwide, and corporate collections consultation and installation.

Ann Hamilton is internationally known for large-scale multimedia installations. Her ephemeral environments create immersive experiences that poetically respond to the architectural presence and social history of their sites. In addition to these large installations, she is known for smaller-scale multiples and print editions. Among her many honors, Hamilton has been the recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship, NEA Visual Arts Fellowship, Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award, Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship, Skowhegan Medal for Sculpture and the Heinz Award. She represented the United States in the1991 São Paulo Bienal and the 1999 Venice Biennale, and her work has been extensively exhibited around the world.

Born in Lima, Ohio, in 1956, Ann Hamilton received a BFA in textile design from the University of Kansas in 1979 and an MFA in sculpture from the Yale School of Art in 1985. From 1985 to 1991, she taught on the faculty of the University of California at Santa Barbara. In 1992, she established her home and practice in Columbus, Ohio. Since 2001, she has been a professor of art at The Ohio State University.

Alan Rath has made contributions to the field of contemporary sculpture and new media that have received significant acknowledgement worldwide. His work is included in such major collections as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art (New York), the Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Hara Museum (Tokyo). Born in Cincinnati in 1959, he lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Erwin Redl—an Austrian-born artist based in Bowling Green, Ohio, and New York City—is best known for large-scale light installations for art museums, public buildings and corporations. His work transforms the medium of light into immersive, tangible experiences for viewers. His architectural environments translate complex mathematical algorithms and other methods inspired by computer code into contemplative, minimalist spaces further activated by his use of motion and rhythmic sequencing.

Cleveland Figurative (Booth 10)

Contemporary Figurative Realism is a movement that has been brewing on the coasts for over a decade. Cleveland’s own figurative artists have also been passionately painting humans with an eye to truth, beauty and the beauty of the truthful depiction…physically and emotionally.

To own a masterful depiction of a human soul is to bring empathy into your home. Contemporary Figurative Realism invites viewers to feel something for and with another person on this planet; to smile, to be touched, to connect, to linger and think.

Judy Takács has gathered just a few of Cleveland’s foremost figurative realists to share their work at Booth No. 10, Cleveland Figurative at the 78th  Street Studios, during the CAN Triennial Art Fair. Visit the booth to make friends with the artists and discover the beauty of the human souls who have been so lovingly painted.

Stanka Kordic

Marty O’Connor

John Sargent, III

Judy Takács

Cleveland Print Room (Booth 14)

The Cleveland Print Room is a nonprofit community darkroom, education center, workspace, and dedicated photographic gallery. Through advocacy we advance the art and appreciation of the photographic image by providing affordable access to our darkroom, exhibitions, educational programming, and collaborative community outreach. The greatest strength of our organization is the creation of innovative programming and exhibitions that bring forward ideas, issues, and perspectives relevant to our times.

The artists Cleveland Print Room will represent at the CAN Triennial Gallery Pavilion are Aja Grant, Lori Kella, Michael Loderstedt, Greg Martin, and Arnold Tunstall.

Emerging artist Aja Grant is a photographer documenting the corners of Cleveland, and how this city has shaped our relationships: inviting people to think about relationships with the self and their surroundings, and how to manipulate our environment in a positive sense.

Lori Kella is an artist who explores historical, environmental, and personal connections to the land by creating artificial landscapes and photographing them to reveal hidden narratives and uncanny views of commonplace scenes.

Michael Loderstedt works to reveal histories, geographies and habitats of this region with new photographs examining Cleveland’s uneasy relationship with its boundary waters. In a series of recent work entitledDark Waters, Loderstedt photographs at night with homemade film cameras and digital cameras mounted with vintage lenses.

Clevelander Greg Martin is an artist and designer who has been using the historic wet plate collodion photo process as a means of artistic exploration and creative expression for the past fifteen years. His fascination with the cityscapes of Cleveland has manifested itself in a series of images exploring the city he loves. Martin’s recent work pushes the boundaries of this challenging medium, using it in ways that exploit its specific attributes, nuances and inherent difficulties, and celebrating its sculptural qualities to address contemporary issues and push its aesthetic into new and unexplored regions.

In his current work, Arnold Tunstall explores the glut of imagery that we encounter daily, and how we process and order this visual language. He also continues to be fascinated by black and white film and the resulting surreal or theatrical quality that is often heightened when we see the world in monochrome.

In addition, we will offer a variety of artwork by Cleveland Print Room artist-members.

Cleveland Print Room 

2550 Superior Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Shari Wilkins, Executive Director


Cleveland Skribe Tribe (CST) (Booth 16)

The influential Cleveland graffiti crew CST (Cleveland Skribe Tribe) was active around the turn of the millennium until its members followed careers to Japan, Atlanta, California, China, and Brooklyn. They reunite in Cleveland in Summer 2018 for several mural projects, including one at CAN Triennial.

Tobias France, aka Bias, joined CST after meeting SANO at a mutual friend’s graduation from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Bias continued his involvement with CST through his high school years, and later graduated from CIA, earning a BFA in industrial design before landing a career as an automotive designer at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan. He lived six years in Japan doing production and conceptual design for Mazda, where his design expertise contributed to the creation of both the Nagare and Kodo design philosophies. He currently resides in Irvine, California, visioning the future for Hyundai North America. He is the designer of the Hyundai N 2025 Vision Grand Turismo concept car, which debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show last year and will make its virtual world stage debut on Sony’s PlayStation 4 this November with the release of Polyphony Digital’s GT Sport.

Naijal “DAYZ” Hawkins has been an active member of Cleveland’s art scene for more than twenty years. His skills include drawing, painting, mural painting, graphic design, and tattooing. He began painting murals at age thirteen. In 1995 he was introduced to SANO and became a member of the Cleveland Skribe Tribe (CST). Within the crew DAYZ found guidance, knowledge and brotherhood through his older peers, who inspired him and helped define those skills. He is a graduate of the Cleveland School of the Arts. DAYZ’s credits include murals in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the voting rights murals in Selma, Alabama, and countless works of street art. In 2013, he opened Red Lion Tattoo, which is located minutes from downtown Cleveland. He is one of the most sought-after tattoo artists in the Cleveland area. DAYZ has worked with teens to produce murals for Cleveland summer youth programs. He has also mentored young adults who were inspired by tattooing. Today he continues to strive for greatness through his art, shared with the public on walls around the city and through tattoos on people’s skin.

Kevin “mr. soul” Harp is a graphic artist, illustrator, and painter born to Cleveland’s Lee-Harvard neighborhood. He established his career in Atlanta’s music scene through Patchwerk Recording Studios during the late 90s and early 2000s as a graphic artist working with Interscope Records, Def Jam, and a long list of affiliated recording artists and athletes who have grown to national and international brand recognition. Childhood experiences—including the allure of fast money from drug distribution, theft, and other criminal activity—informed mr. soul’s work. But art intervened. He became a member of Cleveland’s elite graffiti crew, DEF (Doin’ Everything Funky), which later evolved into CST (Cleveland Skribe Tribe), led by the city’s acclaimed “king,” SANO. When he moved to Atlanta, mr. soul was a founding member of the art collective City of Ink, which helped to build a foundation for underserved creatives there. Today mr. soul is back in Cleveland with family and with purpose, to help create opportunities for other artists in his hometown.

Ron Sims II was born in the Glenville neighborhood of Cleveland, and it was there that he discovered his love for art and painting. The neighborhood was a flourishing bed of creativity. During his childhood the hip-hop movement was booming, and its presence was reflected in the colorful graffiti pieces that decorated his neighborhood. These pieces had a strong influence on his artistic development. As a teen, Ron attended the Cleveland School of Science and spent his high school years laying the creative foundation for advanced graffiti styles in the Midwest. As a member of the Cleveland Skribe Tribe he helped elevate the art form by diligently painting the underbelly of the city with complex and abstract letter forms. Ron studied fine art, sociology and cultural anthropology at Ohio Wesleyan University. After graduating in 2000, he moved back to Cleveland, where he continued to produce art and helped prepare the youth of Cleveland for an academic future. In 2004, Ron moved to Fuzhou, China, to study the language and culture. There he connected with local and international graffiti artists to continue the evolution of the art form. While in China he produced a popular podcast, Black Man in China, that satirized his experiences of culture shock. Ron currently resides in Cleveland and continues to produce art, blog and teach coding.

Cleveland native SANO (SimplArtNiceOutlinez, SunnyAndNiceOutside) began tagging in 1983 after a trip to Japan, where he saw a graffiti piece that read, “Hiphop don’t Stop.” As one of the founding members of Doin’ Everything Funky, a well-known north coast graffiti crew, he left his mark on the walls of the city. His Panik Zone piece on the Red Line was a classic favorite. After a domestically turbulent childhood that resulted in the loss of both parents, he channeled his energy into graffiti and art programs. By 1992, SANO, Task, Twig and Script would link with Bias, DAYZ and Tace to form CST/RTA crew. For Serchlite Music, he designed a logo used in the liner notes of Nas’s Illmatic album. In 1999, he became an advisor to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s hip-hop programs. He was instrumental in Cleveland’s first aerosol art festival, City Xpressions. He relocated to Los Angeles, where he worked on commercial murals, taught, and organized educational programs, classes, and summer camps. In 2011, he was part of the Art in the Streets exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. In 2014, he collaborated with Rocking The Nations crew in Scratch, an exhibition of LA graffiti art legends at ESMoA, curated by the David Brafman of Getty Research Institute, where he was highlighted in the LA Liber Amicorum (“book of friends”) which became part of the Getty rare books archive. In 2015, SANO and RTN painted acrylic murals at the California African American Museum. He was selected as part of Next Level USA’s 2018 Team Cambodia, a hip-hop diplomacy and cultural exchange program sponsored by the US State Department. His graphic design, print, and production studio is in Los Angeles.

SWIMR CST, also known as Osman Alim Muhammad was born and based in Cleveland, taking the name Task38 of the Cleveland Skribe Tribe crew. Earning his place in “The History of American Graffiti,” his indisputable talent and creativity has been exhibited on a multitude of projects and has achieved multiple creative and advisory roles with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, among other momentous endeavors. His career has led him to collaborate with In Creative Unity, out of Los Angeles, on commercial mural work. SWIM is currently living in Cleveland and Austin, Texas, where he continues to share his cultivated ingenuity by producing live aerosol art and murals, designing graphic art, and leaving his permanent mark with custom tattoo work.

Vincent Ballentine is an Ohio-born mural artist who uses spray paint to create massive portraits and landscapes. Currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, Vincent has become a mural arts instructor for underserved and incarcerated youth. As a street artist, his work can be seen across the United States and internationally. Vincent’s artistic style is bold and impactful, with influences from graphic novels, digital imaging and graffiti. All of the credit for his success is owed to his humble beginnings as an underling in the legendary CST crew. After years of riding the RTA and being inundated by the works of DAYZ, Bias, Task, and Tacer he had a chance encounter with one of the crew members. Invited by DAYZ to the home of Doin’ Everything Funky, Vincent met with SANO and began his quest to become one of them. He actualized his dream in early 2000 upon earning a degree from University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Returning to Cleveland with a newly developed set of skills, Vincent adopted the crew’s style and techniques. Years later, he has become an influence to others, as his mentors were for him.

Amber Ford Collective (Booth 13)

Amber N. Ford is an artist based in Cleveland, primarily working in photography while occasionally exploring other mediums. Ford received her BFA in photography from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2016. She is best known for her work in portraiture, which she refers to as a “collaborative engagement between photographer and sitter.” Her work has been shown in galleries all around Cleveland. Most recently she was selected as a 2016 Creative Fusion local artist and awarded an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award for 2017.

Mike Majewski is an artist from Cleveland, with a BFA in photography from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Using photography, Mike creates work encompassing the narrative of place and social structure. Working on dissecting the archetypes and narrative of the post-industrial Midwest. With a combination of written word, sequencing, and photographic objects, his work analyzes the constructs of a region and the social fabric that holds it all together.

Leila Khoury (b. 1993) is a Cleveland-born artist based in Chicago. After receiving her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Leila opened ZAINA Gallery in Cleveland’s 78th Street Studios. In addition to her curatorial work, Leila also taught at the Orange Art Center and worked as an apprentice for Sadeer General Trading & Contracting Company, Kuwait. She is currently in her first year of studies toward a Master in Architecture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Amber Ford Collective

Harris Stanton Gallery (Booth 4)

The Harris Stanton Gallery is now celebrating over thirty years of offering the finest original artwork to its international clientele. We opened in 1987 in Akron and expanded to our second location in Cleveland in 2014. Additionally, we participate in art fairs in New York City to expose our artists to a more widespread audience. The gallery’s eclectic collection of regional and international fine art ranges in style from traditional to abstract contemporary and includes paintings, drawings, original graphics, sculpture, glass, photography, and ceramics.

Three of the artists we will exhibit during the CAN Triennial are Khehla Chepape Makgato, Alexander Befelein and Julian Stanczak.

Khehla Chepape Makgato is an up-and-coming South African artist who is gaining international recognition. He has exhibited on three continents and was featured on CNN International for his innovative use of recycled materials and his promotion of the arts in South Africa.

German artist Alexander Befelein is a master of watercolors but is best known for his subtle etchings of the cities he has visited, capturing in a few delicate strokes the essence of place. He has regularly exhibited in numerous galleries in Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Japan, and the United States.

After escaping a Siberian labor camp during World War II where he permanently lost the use of his right arm, Julian Stanczak moved to the United States in 1950 and earned degrees from the Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) and Yale University. His meticulously crafted perceptual art—layered patterns of color with effects of transparency and light—represents a conscious decision to leave his wartime experiences behind him.Stanczak’s work has been extensively exhibited internationally and is represented in more than 85 museums and 100 public collections. His mural Canvas City has been repainted in downtown Cleveland as part of the FRONT exhibition.

Harris Stanton Gallery

2301 West Market Street

Akron, Ohio 44313


Harris Stanton Gallery Cleveland

1370 West 9th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Hartshorn Studios (Booth 1)

Hartshorn Studios presents “Questioning Identity”: A discussion by six artists on gender and identity. It used to be so simple; there were two choices: female and male. Today, it is a multiple-choice question, and even the word “choice” presupposes that we have one.

Who are we then? If science can’t tell us who we are, is it really up to each of us to figure it out on our own? But it may not be up to us! With so many external influences redirecting and undermining our self perceptions are we really deciding for ourselves? As social animals are we being manipulated and living someone else’s agenda?

For this exhibit, six artists ask you to put aside your preconceptions. We present multiple faceless images of possible choices along the widening spectrum of gender and identity. We ask that you put yourself in place of what you see. Wear that body, and see how it fits. Pause, take a deep breath and reflect on where you stand and why.

Rob Hartshorn

Rob Hartshorn, owner of Hartshorn Studios, is a fourth generation artist best known for his award winning portraits in oil, luminous glazing techniques and exacting attention to detail. Rob paints official portraits of prominent executives, civic leaders and families internationally.

Sharon Pomales

Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sharon Pomales is a contemporary realist artist working in oil and pastel. She exhibits regularly in galleries and museums nationwide and is featured prominently in art publications. Sharon is a member of the Portrait Society of America, American Women Artists and International Guild of Realism.

David Adshade

Canadian artist, David Adshade received the Art Gallery of Ontario Scholarship and the Peoples Choice Award at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. David works as a Industrial Abstract Impressionist, an exploration of metal based paints with applied reactive solutions combined with traditional art materials.

Lila Rose Kole and Arte Popular Apatrida

Lila paints in the style of the New American Tonalists, a contemporary interpretation of 19th Century artists who expressed the poetry of nature in their works. During world travels she encountered multimedia artist Keno and moved to Berlin to immerse and collaborate.  South American born Keno studied in Peru, Cuba, Chile, and Mexico. Using the name arte popular apatrida, Keno developed his art in the centre of social and political turmoil working with dissident artists. In Berlin since the fall of the Wall, he has been an actor in the art squat movements throughout Europe.

Fred Gearhart

Gearhart is a prolific sculptor and teacher. He has shown at the Sculpture Center, Sculpture in the Village of Gibsonburg, OH, The Massilon Museum of Art in Ohio, Artists Archives of the Western Reserve, and galleries and collections throughout the Midwest.

 Hartshorn Studios

2342 Professor Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113

Maria Neil Art Project (Booth 6)

Launched in 2012 by art collectors and patrons John Farina and Adam Tully, Maria Neil Art Project is dedicated to showcasing the art and artists of Cleveland, as well as art and artists that are new to Cleveland. The mission of Maria Neil Art Project is based on its founders’ vision of presenting the rich mix of talented artists in the city and making art collecting more accessible and attainable to a wider audience. The gallery offers contemporary paintings, works on paper, sculpture, photographs and other media. The gallery maintains an ongoing close creative relationship with its own roster as well as a strong collaborative relationship with other galleries and artists.

Though they closed their gallery space in October of 2017, they have found a new vitality by ‘popping up’ around the city and elsewhere, offering art in unique spaces. Now they are popping up at the CAN Triennial!

Maria Neil Art Project has developed a focus on the spirit and work of a lively collection of artists whose work embodies both skill and risk-taking. They partner with artists who are relevant to the current contemporary atmosphere, and they create opportunities for new and emerging artists. The artists showcased in their booth are cool, contemporary, and all-things-Cleveland—award-winning, nationally and internationally recognized local artists. Their talent is just as diverse as the mediums they work in. Stop in and take a moment to view, enjoy (and buy!) their work to add to your personal or corporate collection. This booth is proud to showcase the fine works of:

Cathie Bleck

Pita Brooks

Timothy Callaghan

Adam Chuck

Jen Craun

Michelangelo Lovelace

Jenniffer Omaitz

Sherrie Gallery, Columbus (Booth 2)

Sherrie Gallerie strives to continually show the absolute best in contemporary art and art jewelry. By representing international, national, and local artists in all media, Sherrie Gallerie offers a refreshing variety in both concept and craftsmanship. From the intricate patterns of Italian glass to unique approaches in art jewelry, every piece in the gallery is tied together by its supreme creativity and masterful skill. New exhibitions are opened in the front gallery each month, while a comprehensive collection of Sherrie Gallerie artists is on continuous display in the back of the gallery. Sherrie Gallerie’s main goal is to facilitate meaningful connections between the art and the viewer, and to promote the development of art collections for all.

Sherrie Gallerie

694 North High Street

Columbus, Ohio 43215


Darius Steward and Justin Woody (Booth 9)

Darius Steward

Darius Steward is a visual artist, and educator currently living in Cleveland Ohio. He graduated from the University of Delaware obtaining a Master of Fine Art degree in May 2010. His undergraduate work was completed at the Cleveland Institute of Art where he had a concentration in Drawing and Painting. Since graduating from the University of Delaware, Darius has shown artwork with Museum of Contemporary Art, Tregoning & CO, Zygote Press, William Busta Gallery, FORUM Artspace, Kent State, Cleveland Clinic, Completed murals with Inter-Urban Art Project and Midtown Cleveland and recently had an article written up about his achievements in Canvas Cleveland, Scene Magazine and Hyperallergic. In addition to that Darius also has a collection of his work at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, the Cleveland Clinic, The Presidents Council, The University of Delaware, and has recently became a recipient of the 2016 Creative Workforce Fellowship. Starting June of 2018, Darius will be working full time with The Cleveland Museum of Art as the Scholar Squad Manager. In July Darius will be a showcasing some of his artwork as part of FRONT International as well as the CAN Triennial.

Justin Woody

Justin Woody is a Cleveland-based artist and actor, born and raised in Canton. He received a BFA in painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) in 2015. Justin has long been involved in plays and musicals in Canton and the Greater Cleveland area. Some of his favorite roles include Donkey in Shrek, the Musical at both Near West Theatre and Mercury Summer Stock in Cleveland; Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast and Snoopy in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown at the Canton Players Guild, where he was most recently cast as Gator in Memphis; and his upcoming lead role as Youth in Passing Strange, this summer at Cleveland’s Karamu House.

Woody recently completed his six-month artist residency at the new Praxis Fiber Workshop, where he worked with the beautifully talented Annmarie Suglio, and Jessica Pinsky. There, he continued to learn traditional weaving techniques using hair, jewelry, blunt raps, and clothing. In November, 2017, Justin opened NAPS, his first two-man show at Praxis, with fellow CIA graduate Marcus Brathwaite.

The Verne Collection (Booth 12)

The Verne Collection of Japanese Art was established in 1953. The private collection has had works on loan to the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Fogg Museum at Harvard.

The gallery specializes in antique and contemporary Japanese prints, as well as prints and paintings by American artists living in Japan.

The Verne Collection is a national and international art gallery. The gallery exhibits or has exhibited at the famous Park Avenue Armory in New York; INK Miami Art Fair; Art Basel in Miami Beach; the LA Art Show; the Fine Print Fair at the Cleveland Museum of Art; the Naples Art, Antique & Jewelry Show; and many other major art fairs throughout the United States.

Located in Little Italy in the University Circle area of Cleveland—a few minutes’ drive from the Cleveland Museum of Art—the Verne Collection is the most important contemporary Japanese print gallery in terms of quality in the world. This year is the 65th anniversary of the Verne Collection.

Discover the beauty of simplicity at the Verne Collection.

Verne Collection

2207 Murray Hill Road

Cleveland, Ohio 44106


Watershed Artist Books (Booth 15)

Anna Tararova

Anna Tararova was born in Russia. She received an MFA in printmaking from Ohio University. Anna is a printmaker and papermaker. She completed artist residencies at Women’s Studio Workshop, the Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College Chicago, the Morgan Conservatory, and Dundee Contemporary Arts, and she exhibits her work internationally. Anna teaches papermaking, printmaking, and photography classes for children and adults.

Wendy Partridge

Wendy Partridge’s books are about specific times and locations: an unplowed prairie remnant at the height of summer or a hike through a recently restored wetland. Her text is always her own and set by hand with lead or wood type. Making a bookis a many-month endeavor that evolves from ideas and sketches to pared down text and mock-ups of the book’s structure. Because of all the planning and because setting type by hand is such a slow process, she enjoys creating images that emerge more spontaneously, using processes like monoprinting and pressure printing.

Michael Gill

Michael Gill came to woodcut and letterpress printing as a writer, looking for a way to pass along stories and poetry to his children when they were learning to read. His books are not autobiographical, but are entirely of his life, with stories involving bicycles, trains, bonfires, cats, a pocket full of coins, moonlight, and litter. The scenes are inspired by Cleveland, with examples of specific buildings, vernacular architecture, skeletal trees, and local graffiti, all rendered in multicolor woodcut prints.

Jacob Koestler

These books conflate the traditional idea of a cameras ability to document reality. By focusing on confusing and overfilled compositions and embracing photography’s intrinsic flaws such as light leaks and multiple exposures, Koestler portrays the invisible histories that inhabit our landscapes. While Something in the Way, but Barely There uses a waterlogged book of illustrated ghost stories as its catalyst, Even When I’m Here, I’m Gone depicts the act of daydreaming; in this book, the idea that our thoughts can be somewhere different than our physical body is complimented by Noelle Richard’s drawings of dystopian landscapes similar to those found in science fiction.

Michael Loderstedt

Michael Loderstedt creates artist books, largely combining photographic images and text, in both traditional printmaking and digitally-produced formats. The works examine diverse subjects from early colonial sites in North America to the artist’s own family history, as well as collaborations with many contemporary writers, and explore a variety of formats including cloth-bound folios, accordion structures and simple one-page formats. His unique books are held in many private collections, as well as the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Center for Book Arts in NYC and the Kupferstiche Kabinette in Dresden, Germany.

WGS Productions (Booth 5)

WGS Productions is proud to present three artists who, for decades, have made a significant contribution to the Cleveland art scene. It was during his time in Cleveland that Gary Spinosa developed his unique brand of ceramic and mixed media works. Randall Tiedman and Michael Prunty were fully engaged in the best painting of their lives when they were suddenly taken by heart problems.

Gary Spinosa (b. 1947 Nashville, Tennessee) came to Cleveland to attend the Institute of Art and graduated in 1972. He dabbled in painting and printmaking but found his true calling in sculptural creations. His subject matter is very different from other sculptors: animals, birds and humans are often blended together with antiqued and polychromed finishes, evoking an ancient, spiritual, mystical nature. Pieces range in size from small, talisman-like “stones” to mummies, architectural shrines and large, free-standing figures.

Randall Tiedman (1949-2012) was a life-long Clevelander who endlessly explored landscape and figurative subjects. His 1980s pastel and acrylic landscapes exploded with color and energy, similar to Charles Burchfield’s paintings. The 1990s produced more expressive acrylic and oil paintings of figures and mechanical devices. But the last six years of his painting career were devoted to visionary works he called “Inscapes,” majestic views conjured from random memory and driven by classical music. Most of these works were done on a large scale and are reminiscent of the historic Hudson River School vistas, full of awe and wonder.

Michael Prunty (1952-2015) was a longtime illustrator and creative advertising director both in Cleveland and Los Angeles. He had art school training at the Cooper School and CIA, gravitating to watercolor painting. Michael saw the beauty in everything around him, but his favorite subjects became the Flats and the Cuyahoga River, incorporating nature and the industrial city. His mastery of the transparent watercolor medium allowed him to imbue his compositions with magical qualities of light and atmospheric effects.

WGS Productions

1305 West 80thStreet

Cleveland, Ohio 44102


Zygote Press (Booth 11`)

Zygote Press is a community art organization and open-access print workspace that has hosted local artists and international residencies for decades. At the Zygote Press booth, you will find silkscreens, etchings, aquatints, plate lithographs, letterpress and monoprints.

Some limited edition, fine art prints were created at Ink House, Zygote’s secondary facility in the Waterloo Arts District, where our experienced printers work with nationally known artists. Other artworks were made by Northeast Ohio artists who work in our collaborative, completely nontoxic shop, located in AsiaTown at 1410 East 30th Street, just a mile east of downtown. We hope you will stop by our shop and gallery while you are in town!

Please visitzygotepress.orgor call 216.621.2900 for additional information, open hours and summer programs.

Zygote featured artists at the CAN Triennial include:

Amy Casey, who creates beautifully intricate etchings

Jen Craun, mixing hard-edged geometry into richly worked backgrounds

Maxine Donlon, engaged in layered, monoprinted abstract landscapes

Bob Herbst, making intaglio prints of celestial events using polymer photogravure plates

Anne Kibbe, making colorful, gestural paper lithographs, etchings and silkscreens

Stephanie Kluk, whose photo-based prints are symbolic, deconstructed abstractions

Rachel Krislov, with mixed-media collagraphs featuring delicate linework

Mike Lombardy is a versatile artist who specializes in silk screen design

Michaelle Marschall, creating reductive woodcuts and ethereal etchings

Yana Mikho-Misho, who works in mixed-media print methods

Wendy Partridge, focused on pressure printing and letterpress

Jane Petschek creates beautiful landscape etchings

Lisa Schonberg, creator of monoprints, woodcuts and intaglio prints inspired by nature

Anna Tararova, whose photolithos and silkscreens grace handmade paper

Juliette Thimmig works with a variety of print techniques, but specializes in intricate woodcarvings

Grace Wen, with relief and monoprints that fall between realism and abstraction

Rebekah Wilhelm, with delicately layered, conceptually deep artworks

Jan Zorman, whose work shows how the beauty of line creates the perception of space

Zygote Press

1410 East 30th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44114


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